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Full Dentures


With Global Dentech, you have options when it comes to dentures. We offer two established selections, Premier™ and Elite™ dentures. Whether it is basic dentures, ivocap dentures, implant-borne dentures, hybrid dentures, or immediate dentures, elite dentures, elite-plus dentures, or premium dentures; you ask, we deliver.

Elite dentures

  • Lucitone199
  • Double layered teeth set

Elite Plus Dentures

  • Lucitone 199
  • Double Layered
  • Face-toning and Stippling
  • Lab Remount
  • Natural Aesthetics

Premium dentures

Premier is our finest line of dentures and most closely mimics natural dentition from an aesthetic perspective. Every effort is made to customize the dentures to fit the needs of the patient, including various characterized arrangements of the teeth and several coloration choices for the acrylics.

  • Ivocap system dentures fabricated by a continuous injection system
  • Highly dense material resulting in better polish ability and reduces discoloration
  • Excellent fit
  • Multiple Layered Set
  • Face-toning And Stippling
  • Lab remount
  • Much lighter and stronger

Our technicians are experienced, knowledgeable and trained to support your Full Dentures. We can assist the dentist with case planning regarding the selection.

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